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Image of GavelIf you have just received a phone call from a person you know who has been arrested and needs you to post bail there are a few things that you need to consider. After the person has been processed (finger printed, photographed, file completed) the bail amount will be set. The amount will depend on the nature of the case but as a rule it is supposed to be serious enough to ensure that the offender will comply with the court ordered appearance at the risk of losing the amount of money or property offered in the bail bond. If you are acting as guarantee to post bail on behalf of someone, it will be your money or property that will be seized if the terms of the bail are violated. For this reason it is of utmost importance that you understand exactly the extent of the commitment that you are undertaking.

In this case, probably more than at any other time, you need to consult a professional. A simple phone call will save you a great deal of aggravation and possibly save you time and money as well. A licensed bail bond agent in Monterey can help you secure the release of the arrested person as quickly and efficiently as possible. Each case is different and each person has their own particular set of needs and circumstances. But what most cases have in common is that the person arrested wished to remain in custody as little time as possible, and wishes for his case to be handled with discretion.

We at Premiere Bail Bonds have been working in Monterey for over twelve years. You can count on our professionalism and integrity to support you every step of the way. We can even handle your case via email, phone or fax if you are too busy to get away from work. We are at the ready, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Give us a call with any questions about posting bail in Monterey.

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